Before training can commence, an LGV Category C Provisional Licence must first be obtained from the DVLA at Swansea. Three forms are required for the Licence application; they are the D2, D4 and D750. The D750 is the photo Licence application form, if you already hold a photo Licence, this form is not required for the application. All three forms can be obtained from Rushton Transport Training or the DVLA local office.

The D2 is the LGV Licence application form, you will be applying for LGV Category C entitlement. The D4 is the Medical form and must be completed by a Doctor; the cost varies but is generally around £110.00, although we can recommend a doctor who charges only £45. When all the forms are completed they must be sent to DVLA Swansea SA99 1BR, together with your existing car driving licence.

Processing of the Provisional Entitlement Licence at DVLA Swansea takes between one and two weeks, depending on how busy they are. This time can be reduced if the Licence application is sent by Registered Post.


Learn to drive our automatic truck and on passing get a full manual licence!